1.What is the form of ownership of the operator with regard to the building?

Pohoda student, s.r.o. operates student accommodation ROOMS5 Ltd. under long-term lease agreement with the owner of the house, 3E PROJECT Company, a.s.

2.What conditions must be met for accommodation in ROOMS5?

In our students’ apartment house we can accommodate only college students.

3.Is it possible to conclude the contract at a distance?

Yes, after making a reservation, an account is activated for each candidate in a Web application My living, where you can read the model contract and the house rules. After filling in your personal data, payment of the deposit and accepting the conditions set out in the house rules, it is possible to contract online.

4.What can I see in My living?

In My living, every subtenant can see their contract or its appendices and the house rules. Furthermore, they can see their charges or fees.

5.What is the minimum contract length?Does the duration of the contract affect the price?

We distinguish between short-term contract, ie. a contract for 1-6 months, and long-term contract, ie. 6 months or more. The price is always charged for one bed and month. The variant of long-term accommodation is financially more convenient. By accommodation shorter than 1 month the price is charged for one bed and night. All according to our valid pricelist.

6.If I sign the contract online, can I get the original?Do you issue a Proof of accommodation

If the subtenant needs the original contract, we will issue it within 1-2 business days. We provide the confirmation based on valid contract. If it is necessary to have notarized confirmation, we will issue it in 3 business days and it cost 200 CZK.

7.How much is the deposit?

The deposit amount is one month’s rent and is returned within 30 days of termination of the contract to the subtenants bank account.

8.What is the notice period?

3 months. If the client has concluded a long term contract and terminates the contract within a period of less than contract lenght (incl. The notice period), the client must pay a one-time penalty of 2.000, – CZK and it is charged to him the rent for short-term period.

9.What are the options for rent payment?

Subtenants can deposit cash at any FIO Bank branch (a fee of 70, – CZK), pay by credit card in My housing application (a fee of 1.89% + 2.70 CZK) or by bank transfer (a fee based on their bank, details required for payment can be seen by the subtenant in My living application).

10.Is smoking permitted inside the building?

No, the building is strictly non-smoking under a penalty of two times the agreed deposit.

11.Are pets allowed in the building?


12.What about visitors of the subtenant?

If you are accommodated in double room and you pay for two beds, you have possibility to have correctly registered guest for one week for free in your room. Others are obligated to pay for correctly registered guest per night a rent according to our valid pricelist and his roommate has to agree with guest. We can offer accommodation to guests only if we have free capacity.

13.When it is possibleto move in?

After the conclusion of the contract, from 3 pm until 20 pm of the given day.

14.Where can I do my laundry?

On the 1st floor there is a self-service laundry room with washer and dryer. The price is 50, – CZK for washing and CZK 50, – for drying. It is possible to buy the tokens at the reception.